An industry-academe workshop was held at the New World  Hotel Manila last September 1, 2016 for the industry-academe participants of the DOT On-the-Job Training (OJT) and Teacher Immersion Program (TIP) pilots. The workshop was conducted by the Department of Tourism.  Attending the workshop were participants in the pilot program from the DLSU College of St. Benilde together with Hotel Jen; Lyceum of the Philippines with Bayleaf Hotel; and the Our Lady of Fatima University with Luxent Hotel. The participants in the pilot were asked to work with and test the draft programs prior to DOT rolling out the OJT/TIP programs to a wider audience.
The pilot was  a perfect opportunity for the DOT and the pilot participants from both industry and academe to give and receive feedback about the two programs designed for tourism and hospitality students and faculty members.   
The OJT Program is designed for tourism and hospitality students who need to have practical work experience in an establishment prior to graduation. It aims to make the OJT participant gain practical on-the-job skills, so that they are more “work-ready” upon completion of their studies. The TIP Program industry immersion program is designed for teachers and trainers who wish to either gain improve their industry work experience for the courses they are teaching. A training needs analysis (TNA) was done by the faculty participants prior to their industry immersion, so that their training would be tailored to their needs.
OJT-TIP-LL-Workshop2Each of the pilot institutions was given an opportunity to share their experiences with the rest of the attendees. They were asked to make their presentations by answering five questions:
1.What worked well and improved the experience of the student/teacher?
2.What didn’t work well?
3.How can the program be improved?
4.How useful was the manual in providing guidelines and advice?
5.How did the partnership between Industry and Education work?
The general feedback was that both programs were useful and served as practical guidelines on how an On-the-Job Training (OJT) or Teacher Immersion Program could be conducted. All the participants said that they had very good exposure to actual workplace situations during their assignment with their industry partner. They said the skills and learning they got would be useful for them in the future. 
On the side of the industry partners, they said that they were happy with the commitment and dedication displayed by the students and faculty members during their industry exposure. The industry partners and the academe agree that a minimum of 600 hours for the OJT, preferably focused on one or two department of hotel operations only.  Industry also expressed willingness to have faculty members on board at their establishments, according to the teacher’s requirements and based on the training needs analysis (TNA). 
Some of the positive learning outcomes reported on include:OJT-TIP-LL-Workshop3
Student Learning: Good social and communication skills; professional grooming and presentation; time management; multi-tasking; confidence in dealing with guests and colleagues; taking initiative; good work ethics
Faculty Learning: Up-dated experience in working with the hospitality industry  outside of the confines of the classroom; dealing with real guests with real concerns; presented with and handled unique challenges in coping with the realities of day-to-day operations. These experiences can be translated into classroom learning. 
The DOT was impressed with the outcome from the pilots conducted, given the limited time constraints under which this was completed. The DOT would like to thank  all the OJT and TIP pilot participants, and said that the industry and academe partners completed a landmark activity that would have major impact on the future of Philippine tourism.  Based on the feedback received from the participants, further revisions will be made to improve the OJT and TIP manuals, before further dissemination by the DOT. 

DOT-ADB-Canada Improving Competitiveness in Tourism is a technical assistance project for the Department of Tourism, administered by the Asian Development Bank and funded by the Government of Canada.

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