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TIS-logoSuccessful hospitality and tourism enterprises depend, to a large extent, upon the people who work in the businesses in all areas of work and at all levels. In PICTourism, we believe that service quality and human resource development are key elements in achieving competitive success - we put a premium value on people. The Tourism Industry Skills Development program focuses on human resource development to help ensure that we reach our goal of achieving improved competitiveness of the tourism sector. We work with private tourism enterprises, professional industry organizations and associations together with other tourism stakeholders to equip their staff with skills that are on par with the other countries in the ASEAN region and internationally.

Through the Industry Skills Grant Scheme (ISGS) we provide grants for training programs that focus on upgrading skills and competency levels of the industry workforce. We also partner with training institutions and the academe to develop curricula and teaching materials to make their programs more responsive to the ever-changing needs of the tourism industry.

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Our Mission: Attracting More Workers to the Tourism Industry

We believe that enhanced skills are crucial to improving the international competitiveness of the Philippine tourism industry. But we also need to continuously attract new entrants to the industry by creating more employment opportunities and providing them with exciting and rewarding career paths.How people are recruited, how they are managed, how they are trained and educated, how they are valued and rewarded, and how they are supported through a process of continuous learning and career development are vital considerations in building a vibrant tourism sector with a capable workforce.

Under the Tourism Industry Skills Development program, our key activities are:

  • To support industry training through the Industry Skills Grant Scheme
  • To formulate a ‘skills demand’ profile based on a gap analysis and market needs
  • Develop and institute a Human Resource Development strategy and action plan
  • Improve the quality and management of tourism sector teaching to ensure students and graduates get a professional education with potential for career progression
  • Review, update and improve the tourism curricula

Industry Skills Grant Scheme: Investing in the Tourism Workforce

PICTourism advocates continuous skills upgrading of tourism professionals and encourages tourism enterprises to invest in skills development of their workforce to enable them adapt to the ever-changing market demands. We believe that the quality of both service and products are a direct consequence of investment in training. We support the tourism sector to embrace training as a means of improving service quality by providing grants for training programs under the ISGS. Specifically we encourage applications that focus on training which build capacity and skills of the workforce particularly those working in key ‘front line’ positions. We organize workshops and provide advice to guide applicants in the process.

We encourage as many eligible tourism related organizations to apply for an ISGS grant and benefit from the support provided by PICTourism.

Tourism Enterprises, Civil Society Organizations, Non-Government Organizations directly involved in tourism activities can avail of grants of between USD 10,000 - USD 100,000.

The first round of grants was awarded in 2014. A total of USD 850,000 was allocated to 26 successful applicants. The supported training activities are expected to benefit around 4,200 employees in the four pilot provinces: Bohol, Cebu, Davao City – Samal Island and Palawan.

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How to Apply?

registration diagramThe Application procedure involves:

  1. Initial registration
  2. Eligibility verification, followed by
  3. An invitation to submit a full Application

Regional Facilitators will be available in each province to provide general guidance and assistance to applicants.

Eligible training activities include a broad range of topics but should address identified staff skills shortages or gaps and must be completed within a nine (9) month period after Contract signing. Where practical, at least 55% of those being trained must be women.

Training should include both front line staff and middle management. Those submitting grant applications are required to clearly identify how the training program will both contribute to staff career development and benefit the business or organization.

The eligibility of applicants will be verified by the Regional Tourism Skills Committee and subsequently, approved by the National Tourism Skills Committee.

DOT-ADB-Canada Improving Competitiveness in Tourism is a technical assistance project for the Department of Tourism, administered by the Asian Development Bank and funded by the Government of Canada.

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